Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Resolutions....did you make any?  I am not a person who makes New Year's resolutions.  My husband, on the other, hand has his resolutions for the last three years written on paper and readily accessible, with the ones he has done actually checked off.  To say he was goal oriented would be an understatement.

 I have several issues with resolutions.  Having worked in the weight loss business for many years, January is a big business month!  There are thousands of people who commit to losing  weight in the new year and they last about a month in their commitment.  Yes, there were also those people who stuck with it and reached their goals.  I guess I am just a bit jaded in the resolution area.  Maybe I am afraid to put something down on paper and possibly come up short, fear of failure.  Maybe I am just too lazy to commit to "doing" something for an extended period of time.  Maybe I am just too complacent with my life and lot as they are and don't "really" want to change.  Pick one or more....

Self improvement is a slippery slope.  First, you have to admit you are lacking in some area.  Then you have to figure out what it takes to improve in that area.  Then you have to actually do something.  Sounds like a lot of work.  Don't get me wrong, there is no way I think I am perfect and not in need of improvement.  The opposite is true.  There are so many areas to choose from....where to start?  Lose weight, exercise more, drink less, write more, get organized, be a better wife..sister...mother...grandmother...daughter...etc., read more, learn more, figure out the tax code, spend more time with my dog, get more involved in my church, the list is daunting.  It is like going into a candy store, so many choices and not enough resources. 

If I listen to my former weight-loss-leader-self, it is better to start something and come up a bit short than to never start anything at all.  Ok, stop talking to me!  I get it!  This year I will spend more time with friends (because I have some really great friends), travel more, get in better shape (because really...if I'm going to do all this hanging out and traveling I need to be in shape), learn something new (like a language I will need when I do all that traveling), pay my taxes (there is no figuring out that code...), and maybe write more...because lately I can't write less!  I will also try to keep at least one of my "resolutions". 

Good luck with your resolutions and  Happy New Year!

Just in case you read this entire post and were left wondering how our Christmas was or where the pictures is your answer!  Christmas was great and here are some pictures to prove it!
I think these two had a Merry Christmas!
She had a pretty great Christmas too!

There were party hats involved!

The costumes were a big hit with the boys!
AND there was snow and sledding, making it a perfect holiday!!!

The long and winding the snow.  You can never have too many snow pictures if you ask me!

Good luck with those resolutions!

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