Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January....the New November

A perfect day for a long walk!  I think the drought may be ending!
When we lived in Canada November was probably the most miserable month.  There was all that darkness and the weather was usually dreary.  You can check out my November love in this old blog post.   I had a realization the other day that this January is a lot like those Novembers in Canada.  January is not really my favorite month...if you remember this post from last year.  The holidays are over...and the weather is miserable, at least it is down here.   To top it all off, all of my football teams lost their play off games (again).... so I am mourning the end of football season.   This year Yesterday, I smacked myself  'cross the side of the head and decided to just get over it and make the most of the day and try to embrace all that is... January.

Sadie the Wonder Dog and I took a chilly, damp walk.  Sadie does not know there is nothing happening in January, she just knows that there will be squirrels and rabbits to chase and that makes it a great day in her book.  Oh, to be a dog.  I bundled up (I love bundling up!) and we headed out.  After a mile or so we were both feeling pretty good about the world and our walk.  I am training for the trip to Disney with the grandkids in February so I need to do as much walking as possible between now and then!  Exercise does great things to the brain, the longer we walked the better I felt.  Endorphins?!  Good music in my iPod?!

After our usual walk I dropped Sadie off at home and headed back out for a little photo taking and a leash free walk.  After all, it was gray and dreary...a great time to take photos.  I headed to my favorite trees because I have been wanting to take pictures of them for a long time.  I thought they might look cool. 

For some reason I just love these trees!  They are very Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The squirrel buffet provided by January.

The deluxe squirrel buffet!

Perhaps the happiest flowers ever!  One reason to enjoy January...in the south.

January will eventually end and so will the gloom.  Until then, I will make my best attempt to have a better attitude.  Maybe clean some closets, that must be what we are supposed to do in January judging by all the ads in the paper for storage bins and organizing tools.  Maybe I'll add a few more workouts to my routine, the endorphins and music might help too.  I do need to keep training for that trip to Disney...and the ski trips in my future.  I am sure there are a few books I have been wanting to read "when I finally have the time!"   January apparently has a lot of time!  January....the new November....in the south!



Carol said...

Love the photo of the trees! As a fine compliment, that is a "Lenore Diane" photo!!

Carol said...

I love your photo of the trees! Great eye. In the highest of compliments, it is a "Lenore Diane" quality photo!! Well done.

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