Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Part of the Plan

We almost made it!  January is almost over!!!  Time to forget all about those ambitious resolutions we set at the beginning of the month and get on with the year. 

 I have not been particularly inspired to write this month.  I am slow out of the gate at a lot of things.  The first month of the year finds me grasping to get traction and find direction for the year.  Like the first 9 holes on the golf course....they are never my best 9, usually the second 18 of the day is my best score....slow to start.  I always made my best grades in school in the spring semester.  The second half of the day is my  most productive...not really a morning person.  So, it makes sense that January is not my best month. 

As I drug myself out on a run this afternoon I tried to think of topics for the blog.  I thought it might be time for a "comment-a-thon".  Weigh In On January.  I'll give you a few topics to discuss, choose one or more and "weigh in". 

-The annual physical
As if January weren't awesome enough, I have scheduled my physical in January for the past few years.  Nothing says "Happy New Year" like stepping on a scale at the doctor's office after the holidays!  This year my doctor told me to stop eating and exercise more.  Wow!  Why didn't I think of that?  I remember the days when a dr. visit was in & out, "you are healthy as a horse", "see you next year".  I am still basically healthy as a horse and only slightly approaching the size of one.  One of the joys of getting on in years is that now they want you to get all sorts of other "old people" tests.  "If nothing is wrong with me, why do I need more tests?"  The joy continues, getting old is sooo much fun!  Weigh in....

-Ever have one of those uncoordinated days?
Today I felt like a 13 year old girl who has feet she hasn't grown into yet and legs just a little too long.  All the parts were not quite working in unison.  I played 9 holes of miserable golf in "on and off "rain.  It was like it was my first time to hit a ball...what happened?  After golf we ate lunch, because I still refuse to take the doctor's advice and quit eating, and I knocked a chair over while trying to move it.  All morning I fumbled with my belongings and banged into things. I got home and decided to go for a run, very surprised I did not trip over my oversized feet.  I think after the run I finally worked out the uncoordination of the day and feel more like myself.  What gives?  Weigh in....

-January in Houston....4 seasons in one month!
The lowest temperature this month was 31 wintery degrees and  the highest was 80 summery degrees.  I know this because I love/hate weather and looked it up.  Most of the month we had cloudy and/or rainy spring weather.  There are leaves falling off the trees so it looks like fall and yet there are flowers blooming and the boxwoods are getting new leaves like it's spring.  I'm so confused!  Mother nature just does not know what to do down here in January.  Weigh in....

Is it Spring?

Or is it Fall?

-Do you believe in chance?
Last Friday night, TJ and I took a walk down memory lane.  The night began with some music...old music.  We tried several Pandora stations and after disagreeing on several we ended up on the Dan Fogelberg station.  We were blasted into the past!  If you are of the late '70's early '80's generation you have got to listen to this station....if you loved DF in the day.  Maybe it was just us, maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the old photo albums but the music was awesome.  Fogelberg, Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, Elton John....all good stuff if you ask me.  We looked at old family pictures and laughed and cried.  We came across some old wedding pictures....we were children when we got married.  Very thin.. young.. children!  TJ found a couple of pictures of him as a baby with his father.  His father was in a lot of the pictures.  Later we realized that the 19th anniversary of his father's death was the day before.  Was it chance or was it him?  Weigh in....

That's it for January.  Drop a comment or two and weigh in, I'd love to hear from you!

And now for your enjoyment, a few pictures of us as thin, young, Fogelberg loving newlyweds.
With TJ's Mom and Dad....we are all so young!

Love when you can

Cry when you have to

Be who you must that's a part of the plan

Await your arrival

With simple survival

And one day we'll all understand

One day we'll all understand

One day we'll all understand

Dan Fogelberg/ Part of the Plan

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