Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Same, But Different

Rather than ignore the blog until next week sometime and then get too busy to write I decided to take a few minutes and write a short post from my tablet here at the shore.  I know,  very considerate of me.  It really is not that easy to type on this thing!
How can it be that we come to the same place during the same months and yet it is always so different?  For the first time,our closest neighbors are not here in May, making this week a bit quieter than usual.   The black flies however are here, which is perfectly normal.  What would May be like without a few welts on my neck?
Another thing that has come to define May at the shore is painting.  Mission accomplished.  This year I may only be painting one room!   We have come a long way,  baby.   Don't get me wrong,  there are still tons of undone projects to keep me busy.   I still have plenty of trim and molding to paint.   It will never end!

The garden is planted and unusually we are waiting for it to rain.  We never have to wait for rain in May...until now. Did I mention how dry and warm it has been?  I am not complaining as long as our seeds don't blow away.   Nice to have worries as simple as rain and seeds taking root.

Another thing the same but different are the ever evolving trash rules.  I have never seen a place with a more complicated pickup schedule not to mention the actual garbage, compost, and recycling rules.  If you happen to miss your pickup, because the schedule is as clear as mud, then you have to wait two weeks to catch the next pickup.  There is also a high probability that my garbage or recycling will be rejected.  Seriously?  Who knew clear plastic wrap was not trash?  We must use all clear bags now, so they can inspect your refuse and deem it worthy of pickup or not.  I sure hope I pass this week....if I put it out on the right day!

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