Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Home Office!!???

It is official.  We have a home office... in our home!  One of us is working from home now and it ain't me.  I don't work....well, I work, but no one pays me.  I have always said the day TJ retires will be the day I get a full time job because we could never be home all day together.  Well, he did not retire, he just took a new job and his office is now in our study.  He really loves the commute from the kitchen to the study!  Time for me to get that job... or go see the world!  My once solitary daily existence has been taken over by the home office, complete with many phone calls on multiple phones, multiple computers and piles of papers on the once barren desktop....yeah, I know...a guy's gotta work.

Ever since my youngest child started school, about 20 years ago, the hours between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. have been mine.  The house has been my office for the last 20+ years.   There was no one watching over my shoulder to check my productivity. I did whatever needed to be done every day...on my schedule and then whatever I wanted with the rest of the day.   Remember, most of those years were spent doing laundry, cleaning, cooking and shopping for a family of 6.  There were also about 10 or 12 years I worked, part time, so it wasn't all soaps and bon bons.  Don't get me wrong, my days are still plenty full, otherwise I would blog every day....about nothing.  I am just saying I think I am in for a period of adjustment. 

TJ has also traveled most of his career, so in addition to being away at an office every day he was out of town 2 or 3 days a week.  The new job has some travel so it will be feast or famine, when he is home, he is HERE and when he is gone, he is not HERE.  I am sure by the time summer is over we will both have adjusted to the new work environment but I'm thinking it won't be without a few speed bumps ahead... mostly for me.  One bit of good news is that the home office will be in Nova Scotia this summer, neither of us will have to adjust too much to that one!   Maybe I will just look at it as training for when he does retire. 

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