Sunday, June 3, 2012

Angry Birdies

Remember those goals from a few months ago?   Well, I am the last to finally realize mine.   Only 5 months into the year!   Yesterday I played 36 holes of golf...for the first time ever.  Amazing by itself, since there have been entire decades that I have not played 36 holes of golf!  All the planets were aligned, nothing was hurting and the opportunity presented itself so I just played golf all day.

My first round was at 8:20 in the morning with some friends.  We had a great time and I was not displeased with my score.  I came home and did a little sewing and TJ said he was thinking playing golf and asked if I wanted to join him.  I was still in my golf clothes from earlier and said "what the heck".   We went out to play 9 holes.   We ended up playing 18... it was just so nice out and I was drinking a gin and tonic on the final 9 holes, what did I care?   The best part of the story is that finally.....after 2 years...I broke 100!   I shot 99 on the second 18 of the day.  Time to set a new goal!  Maybe to do it again! 

I may have been hallucinating on the back nine due to exhaustion...or gin, but I actually lost my temper with TJ.  Imagine that?  With 30 holes of golf under my belt for the day, my beloved tried to "coach" me after I flubbed a  shot. This lead to me losing my temper and telling him I really did not need any coaching this late in the day.  I knew what I did wrong without his help only goal at this point was to finish.  A couple of holes later some rude people drove through while my "coach" was about to tee off which teed him off enough to shout something rude which I may or may not have thought was directed at me.  Anyway, I decided to take my anger out on the ball and hit my tee shot smack onto the green very close to the hole (it was a par 3 hole).  I made my birdie putt and TJ proclaimed I had just made an Angry Birdie!   We both laughed and made up. 

My original thought for a post this week was going to be focused on marriage.  So much more boring than golf.  Our 34th anniversary is today and after our recent trip to Nova Scotia I have had a few thoughts floating around in my head about marriage.  While we were at the shore we had a couple visit us who have lived together for a few years and say they don't plan to get married.  We have had some interesting conversations with them about marriage, their beliefs and ours....and we are still friends!  They mentioned that very few of their friends get married any more, they just live together.  We know quite a few people who have chosen to live together.  Is marriage dying?  I find this sad and disheartening. Then I start to wonder why this bothers me.  Is it because of my religious background?  Is it because as a married person I believe in marriage and think living together is taking the easy road?   Is it because I am a hopeless romantic?  Is it because I believe that if you love someone and want to spend your life with them that by getting married you are truly committed spiritually and legally?   Maybe I am just old fashioned.  I still believe in happily married ever after.  So far, it is working for us and I guess I just want that for my friends and family....Angry Birdies and all!

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Carol said...

Congrats on your 99!! LPGA watch out!
Happy Anniversary - 34 years - wow. I know you started early - you've gone from young kids still in college to grandparents - MARRIED grandparents. Congrats on all of it!
(and happy early birthday!)

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