Thursday, August 4, 2011

Small Town Living

Only in a small town can you go to the bank and find this......
"I'd like to make a deposit"
Things like this happen to me when I go into town to run my weekly errands.  Town is a small Canadian town of about ten thousand people, who apparently all know each other and enjoy visiting with bank tellers while the line-up continues to build behind them.  I went to the bank on Tuesday, big mistake because Monday was a holiday which made Tuesday banking day.  My sister and I walked in and there was a man with Bouvier on a leash waiting in line.  I think Bouvier is the town dog because every person who came into the bank knew him and went up to chat with his owner and pet the dog.  OK, that's cool, the dog was well behaved, I'm a dog person so it was interesting to watch. 

As the many people ahead of us continued to make their transactions and then commence to talk to the 2 tellers about their holiday weekend and what they did and who they did it with and what they ate and what time they went to bed, Bouvier was busy greeting the ever growing line of customers.

Finally it was Bouvier's turn at the teller.  Owner walks up to the window, teller says hello and turns around and gets dog treats!  for Bouvier and proceeds to hold the treats high up in the air while the dog jumps up for the treats.  When a 120 lb. dog jumps up he is about 6 feet tall and makes quite the picture, but alas I did not have my camera!  The owner makes his transaction and as we get nearer and nearer to our turn with the teller, after only 20 minutes in line, we overhear her asking the owner where he is going on his trip to the States, who is going, what they will be doing....can you see my foot tapping at this point?  Deep are on vacation, what's the big hurry,  relax.....tap, tap, tap.....

Finally, our turn came with the teller!  Unfortunately, she did not have any people treats for me but did ask where we had a cottage, how long we are here for...yadda, yadda, yadda! 

In other small town observations, there was a girl driving a small tractor/souped up riding lawn mower, down the sidewalk!  Yes, down the sidewalk, not the street!  No one seemed the least bit concerned.

A few things that would never happen in Houston!

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