Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunset Storm

This was the scene tonight at 8:30.  The day had been sunny and warm and everyone sat on the beach, for what seemed like the first time all summer!  Then, after dinner, the wind started blowing so hard the trees were doing backbends.  On one side of the house the sky was still blue and on the other side it was black and threatening. 

There were even white caps, we don't get waves very often!

As the storm continued to blow and move quickly across the sky, I noticed a little pink glimmer on the horizon.....

The sun managed to peek out from under the clouds, just in time to put on it's evening show!

I stood outside, risking life and limb in the blowing wind to take these sunset storm pictures!  I had to brace myself against the house just to avoid being blown over!  It was truly a great show!  So, here is one of my favorite things about summer in ten or less pictures!

Notice the haze in the sky!  It was eerie!

Going down and getting prettier

Gotta have clouds for a great sunset!

Now we are talking!  Still getting better!  Wind still blowing too!

The last sliver of the sun.

The last sliver without the zoom.

The wind has stopped blowing and the sun has set and it did not even rain!  That was super cool!


2 Create a Website said...
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Lenore said...

Loved the pictures, Lisa. Thank you for sharing it with us. Absolutely beautiful! (Nice that you had a good afternoon on the beach, too.)

Jacob May said...
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myrtle said...

Cool! great pictures..=D
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