Monday, August 29, 2011

What is it About This Place?

-hearing lawnmowers in the distance and the smell of freshly mowed grass
-screen doors slamming
-the wind blowing gently through the open windows
-the childhood memories of playing all day with your cousins on the beach or in the yard or in the cottage and providing those same memories for your children....and their children
-getting that feeling in the spring that soon you will be at the shore and starting to count the months/weeks/ and finally the days
-a sky so blue words cannot describe it and pictures cannot capture it
-seagulls, starfish, hermit crabs and occasionally jellyfish
-finding beach glass on the shore
-cottages that have been here for over 100 years
-that familiar landscape that never seems to change or get old
-the constantly changing tides and how life revolves around them
-some days so beautiful they take your breath away
-sunrises and sunsets with clouds aflame
-going places and always running into someone you know
-a rich history that will always be yours and it defines you
-feeling a part of something that very few can ever comprehend
-sunny warm days and crisp cool nights
-laying outside at night in a sleeping bag on the ground so you can look at the millions of stars in the clear sky and perhaps see a shooting star or two
-living among multiple generations...... generation after generation
-those last few days before you go home when all you want to do is absorb as much of this place as you can and hope it lasts until next summer when you return (it's never enough)
-having every summer be the same... and different at the same time

It's all of this and so much more, that is why we keep coming back!
Until next year.....a few more pictures....

June, we are all so happy to be here!  Especially Sadie!

Even the stormy days are beautiful!

It's building a tub at low tide and waiting for it to fill up when the tide comes in!

It's showing your grandsons how to love gardening!
It's soup night with these great people!

It's having a rocky beach year and someone who builds us a path to the water!

It's days that take your breath away....

and nights that do the same!

1 comment:

Katie said...

one of these days, I'll be able to spend more than a few days at the Shore again.

"Looking forward" to a super-full house with the addition of Sadie to the bungalow. This shall be..."interesting" to see all the animals together.

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