Monday, July 11, 2011

Wow, I've Been Here That Long????

Things have been picking up a bit at the shore lately!  The calm, quiet, gray, dreary days of June have slipped away and now July is here and as I look at my countdown, or is it a count up, I find I've been here over one month and 2 weeks.  The time does fly up here!  I am finding it more and more challenging to sit down and compose complete sentences and post beautiful pictures with interesting storylines.  How can that be?  With so much material to choose from! Let me explain.

July 1, aka Canada Day, came and went.  The 4th of July came and went, and so did Will and Kate.  You all know this because you have read the latest post!  As promised, my friend/ cousin/ field reporter/ provided some awesome Will and Kate pictures.

I just love this one!

 Suddenly the population at the shore went from 6 to 56, in about a day!  I am not exaggerating here.  There are all sorts of people (aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, visitors, & strangers) arriving daily.  When new people arrive we must welcome them.  There are the usual, "how was your winter? how are the kids? don't you love the weather?" conversations along with the more probing, "how long are you here for? wow, you look great! Isn't it a beautiful day?" conversations to have with the new arrivals and that has kept me very busy lately.  I know, it`s work, work, work! It only gets busier as the month goes on so I really need to carve out some time to sit and write, in complete sentences, with beautiful pictures because you really deserve a quality product.  The pictures should not be too difficult, especially when the sunsets end up looking like this!
They just keep getting better and better. I am such a sunset junkie!

This summer I`ve found it a bit amusing when I take pictures of people. Many of my readers are friends, hello friends, and now they are starting to think /be very afraid, that when I take a picture of them it just might end up on "the blog". I am trying my best not to incriminate any of my friends/readers. I have joked that each of them will be asked to sign a release when I take their picture. Still, I'm trying my best to keep everyone anonymous, unless you happen to be one of my grandchildren or children or my husband... and then you are fair game!
On to reasons time flies up here. A few one or more pictures.

Time flies when you make jam out of delicious fresh strawberries!
Time flies when you cook and eat lobster for dinner

Time flies when you walk on the sandbars with your husband

Time flies when the sun comes out at Spinnaker`s Landing in Prince Edward Island

Time flies when you see the Highland Storm show at the College of Piping on PEI

Time flies when you watch the tide go out in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

A couple of friends of ours have been visiting over the last few days and we have been enjoying Nova Scotia like we were tourists!  We spent a day in Halifax, enjoying theater, restaurants and the city life.  We made a trip to Prince Edward Island and reveled in the beauty of the rolling hills, fields of green, blue waters and excellent entertainment.  I must take a little break here to let you know how much I love bagpipes,  they will be played at my funeral (I know, that is kind of morbid but I just love them)!  We went to the College of Piping, yes there is such a place, and watched their summer show.  It was a medley  of drums, bagpipes, step dancing, fiddles and singing.  We all loved it! I was channeling my distant Scotch heritage.   Finally, today we headed down to Parrsboro, Nova Scotia to witness the tides in the Bay of Fundy.  They are advertised to be one of the largest tides in the world.  We really enjoyed the town, especially the seafood chowder we had for lunch while sitting outside across the street from the water.  Can`t say too much about the joys of eating delicious food, outdoors, enjoying a beautiful view!  We also watched the tide go out, and yes, it was remarkably quick.  It has been very surprising that after all the years we have come up here that TJ has not been to many of these places.  All it took was having a good friend of his come visit to get him out of the garden and onto the road!  Thanks anonymous (you know who you are) friends!  Now I can apply for that Nova Scotia tourism job!

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