Thursday, August 26, 2010

So Long Farewell

It is the eve of my departure from one of the more memorable summers in my life. Well, at least now I remember it.

I have cleaned the bathrooms, mopped the floors, washed the towels and sheets, put everything away from the deck (sigh), bathed the dog, packed my suitcase, emptied the fridge (well, mostly), locked the windows that have been open almost every day for the last 2 months, checked my email about 100 times in an effort to not do all of these things and now it is almost time for bed. How can I make this time last forever? This summer has been the best!

I wondered at the beginning if I would be able to stay up here for 2 months. I can remember when I was a kid thinking that if I could stay here that long it would be awesome and then there were some years....when the kids were young, that I thought I would never be able to stay up here that long and why would I want to? I mean come clothes dryer, no telephone (at the time), no TV, and I had to cook every meal! But I must be getting old or grown up or mature or something but I have embraced my time up here this year. Right time, right place, and oh, right weather. Did I mention that we had maybe 6 rainy days in 2 months? In my book, that is something to write home about. A summer to remember.

So it is with a bit of sadness that I will tuck in tonight. We put a lot of hard work into this farmhouse and this has been it's first real summer complete with visitors and family and dinners and sunsets and it has been all I anticipated. The place is starting to take shape. My/our vision is coming into focus. You can't always be sure things will work out the way you planned. So far, so good in this case.

Tomorrow, Sadie (super dog) and I head back down south. I hope she makes her flight...and gets through customs without any delay. I am going to put off reality for a few more days and stop off in NYC! Sadie will have to go all the way to Houston and keep TJ company. I will be acclimating myself back to civilization abruptly. Nothing like going from Green Acres to NYC in 2 hours! Whoo hoo, bring it on. I hope the wide eyed look when I come out of the train station doesn't give me away as a tourist. Do you think? It may take all of 10 minutes to become cityfied (it is in MY dictionary). Actually, it will be very unfortunate to lose all of this peace and tranquility in such a short amount of time. Houston will seem like a small town after the Big Apple.

So I bid you all farewell from my little piece of heaven....Nova Scotia and the farmhouse. Re-entry can be bumpy....stay tuned.

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