Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The seasons of the Shore

When the summer begins up here it starts with a trickle. People trickle in over the first few weeks of July. There are already some lucky ones who get to start their summer in late May and June and they get to stay until September or October, they "live" here and most of the rest of us aspire to that stage in life, the "stayin on" stage. But for the rest of us, we start heading here a few at a time and as we get closer to the Games, or the first week in August, the population at Amherst Shore continues to grow. There is anticipation all around. What will the summer hold? Who will be here and when? What will the weather be like this year? Will our visitors like this place as much as we do? (How could they not? We ask!) Will we win the Games? So much anticipation in those weeks of July.

Here are two visitors who came in July and liked this place as much as we do. The weather was nice and the beach was just starting to fill up. The days were long and sunny, the food was delicious and the company was excellent. Still there was that anticipation of the next wave of relatives and....Games weekend.

The beach population at it's highest comes during the Games weekend. Here is a view of the crowds that are on the beach for that weekend. The place is a buzz of activity. This is both good and bad. Good, because we are all so happy to be here and to see each other that we plan way too many activities that week. There are some people who are only here for a week or two and we all want to take advantage of that time and have as much time together as we can. Bad, because there is only so much you can do in a day, I know....hard to believe. We are on vacation and by definition we should not be exhausted during vacation, but it has been known to happen. The late nights get later and the days get crammed full of activities. Hurry up and have fun! This is what it's really all about and we love it!

Then there is the sad exodus. One by one, or sometimes 6 by 6, people start to go home. We spend the next few weeks saying goodbye until next year. The place takes on yet another pallor, peace returns, the frenzy is over. We all breath a bit and relax again. We adjust to the quiet and enjoy what is left of the summer, in a different way.

This is what inspired this post.... my single chair on the beach. What a change from the crowds during the peak! I started the summer with 2 friends to sit on the beach with, then there was the full beach that we all live for during the Games and now I am back to my single chair and my book on the beach. There is something in each season to enjoy, you just have to take it as it comes and make the most of it!


lenorediane said...

Perfectly written and pictured. The last picture is particularly poignant.

Leigh said...

How I wish my chair was sitting on that beautiful spot next to yours. T

Carol said...

The sole chair almost brought tears to my eyes. Nice capture of something we treasure so deeply.

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