Friday, April 16, 2010


A few noteworthy observations since moving back to S'Land.

There are many women of leisure. I noticed this as I went to meet a friend for lunch, there are many more women who have the time and inclination to "do lunch". I'm not talking about a business lunch here either. Just lunch. Yours truly included. I realized that I did not "do lunch" when living in Toronto unless I had a visitor from out of town, and just to be clear, I love "doing lunch". Most of my friends were working or just plain too busy to "do lunch". TJ says that it is because it costs so much less to live here and everyone does not have to work. Maybe it was just a beautiful Friday afternoon and everyone decided to go out to lunch and enjoy the lovely spring day (yes, we sat outside and it was lovely).

Which brings me to another observation. EVERYTHING is so much cheaper and more available. Sticker shock in reverse for me. Not complaining at all, I love to shop. I feel like this week we have single handedly done our part in the economic stimulus plan. We left all of our appliances in our house in Toronto, so we have had to purchase a new fridge, washer and dryer and are still living without a microwave (how do we do it??). And a new used car... since we left TJ's old truck in Canada. I'd say that was stimulating enough for one week!

One week in and 85% of the boxes (that will be unpacked) are unpacked. You go girl! More visitors to the house in one week than in one, maybe two, months in former home. Gee but it's nice to be back home. Chamber of Commerce weather, meaning breezy, 70's, bearable humidity and more sunshine than rain. Plenty of outdoor excercise happening around here, it's a good thing. AND I ran into my first cockroach in 2.2 years! Yes, I was momentarily taken aback. This southern girl, who's job it was to kill the suckers in college, was taken aback when I ran into the "bug" on my stairway. After I made him (because I am sure they are all male) smile for the camera, I smacked him with my shoe. Note to self, call exterminator tomorrow!

So it goes. Re-entry is going well for the most part. I still miss the fresh air blowing though the screens into my house and the little village of Port Credit that was home for the last 2 years. Relocation is relocation no matter where it is to or where it is from. You will always miss something and always be glad to explore something new.


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MJ said...

Wow. I cannot imagine how surreal re-entry to the States is going to be. Everything must look the same, yet different? Sounds like you're doing well back in Texas. And some of my favorite people in the world are Canadians, too.

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