Saturday, April 17, 2010

A "3 hour tour"

Today TJ and I decided to go for a drive. It turned out to be a "3 hour tour". Texas is very big! We only covered a tiny part of it today. We went in search of the Texas bluebonnet, and we found them!

Our first encounter was this guy in the convertible though. I can't decide if his partner threw him out and that is all he picked up on the front lawn or if he rented a truck and they gave him this. I think it is pure genius to shrink wrap everything to insure it won't fall on the road. Hahaha! You should have seen the front seat, it was full of stuff too and only room for the driver. Genius.

We did manage to find many fields of bluebonnets and some very classic Texas countryside. Enjoy the pictures.

There was one casualty. After I knelt in a field of bluebonnets to get my picture taken by TJ, I got up and looked down at my legs and one of my knees was covered with fire ants! I quickly brushed them off but it was too late....the damage was already done. Yes, over 30 bites on one knee.....much swearing was done on my part. Bugs....!!! I am beginning the hate them! I may not be kneeling at church tomorrow.

The icing on the cake was found at our last stop in Wallis, TX. In a local gas station we came across these horseback riders. It is Earth week next week, maybe they were just being "green". No fill up needed! Yes, Virginia, you are really in Texas now. The cherry on the top was that there was a police car in the gas station too but he pulled away before I could snap the picture. He pulled right up to my car, the one with the Texas lisence plate and got out of the car to tell us that my inspection sticker was expired! Well, we just moved here from Canada a week ago! He asked, "to Wallis?"....definitely not! "Ok, well, better take care of that soon." Thank you! I drove around Canada for 2 years with Texas plates and one week in Texas and I get stopped for an expired inspection sticker....welcome home girl!

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