Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just Embrace It

We sold our house. This means we are one step closer to moving back down south. One step closer to living in a sauna.

I remember the first winter we lived here and one of my friends from the shore said how much he hated winter. He has lived in Canada all of his life, so I can't really relate to having winter after winter of cold. This is my third winter and call me crazy, but I kind of like it. Anyway, my friend said to make it through winter you just have to embrace it and make the most of it while it lasts. Good advice. I took it to heart. I really have tried to embrace winter up here. I enjoy skiing. I enjoy that cold burst of air that hits my face when I go outside. I enjoy the walks outside in the cold, I even enjoy the snow and shoveling the driveway. I don't enjoy the gray days but the sunny, blue sky days make up for the gray ones. I think I have done a good job of embracing the cold.

As I think about moving back down south, I inevitably think about the long hot and humid summers. I never liked the heat and humidity. Kind of like my friend who never liked the long winters up here. So maybe I will just have to take that advice again in reverse. I will just have to embrace the heat and humidity. Like subfreezing temperatures and snow are inevitable up here, heat and humidity are inevitable in Houston. Already I find myself dreading having my clothes instantly stick to my body when I go outside and having sweat drip down my face and my back....and front, for months. Embracing this is going to be a challenge.

Looking on the bright side, I remember being able to run outside every month of the year. I liked running when I lived there before. I like bike riding, so now I can bike almost any time of the year again, this will be a change I can embrace. It might take a while and I think I'll have to work much harder but maybe if I keep telling myself those words they will sink in and I can embrace the heat.

Stay tuned....

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rachnd1213 said...

Not sure if I'm allowed to contribute in the comments, but I must share. I think you might have a bit more trouble embracing the weather this time. The first thing I thought when I found out you were moving back to Houston is that I will have to listen to daily complaints about the weather again :) They almost totally disappeared when you moved to the north.

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