Friday, June 20, 2014

Two Umbrellas....Three Women

I had written an entire blog post about our trip up here but it was so boring I kept falling asleep while I was writing.  I guess now you know how I feel about the drive up here.  Aside from getting to visit friends and family at night it is pretty much a snooze fest!  2400 miles of very familiar roadways, a means to an end.  I am still waiting for Harry Potter's floo powder to be invented so all I need to do is go into the fireplace, state my destination and I will be transported.  Until then or until our sweet dog goes to sweet doggie heaven we are destined to drive.

Some day I'll be leaving one of these trails instead of looking up at them from the road below!

Today was one of those days you just have to shake your head and wonder if you are a crazy person.  It's Friday, and Friday is golf day up here.  We have had some very nice days this week, well, two...OK one and a half,  very nice days.  After a while you just give in to the weather and go about your business.  So I went and played golf today.

Perfect weather for golf....if you are a real Scotia woman!
I channeled my inner Scotia woman today and played golf.  Usually I don't have to call on her until I've been here a while but conditions called for it today.  We began our round and as we mildly complained about how cool the wind felt.  A few holes later when it started to drizzle we were wishing for cool wind instead of wet, cool wind.  We forged ahead and did not mind playing in a little drizzle.  After all, we had been cooped up for a couple of days this week and we were just happy to be outside on the golf course.  The optimism was palatable.  A couple of dry holes and we were happy again....until the rain started.  It was not just a sprinkle, it was rain.  I did not have an umbrella, waterproof shoes or a hat....never again!  I sought shelter under some trees and was joined by my partners.
Two umbrellas....3 women, oops!

It is times like this that one questions their sanity.  We were walking the course and about as far away from the club house as possible.  We waited it out and continued our round.  Why stop now?  We got to the last hole on the first 9 and of course the sun peeked out and taunted us, encouraging us to play the back nine.  I was a bit hesitant...and wet, but said yes. Peer pressure is a bitch.  I joined my friend in her golf cart and we headed out for more.  Before we even teed off it started to rain again.  That was it!  "I'm out!", I said.  I love golf but not this much and I know this jeopardizes my Scotia woman status.  I've only been here for four days, I still have thin southern blood in my veins.  Give me a couple of weeks and I'll have my rain gear and I won't let a little rain keep me off the golf course.

It may keep me off the cart path though.....
I trust my fellow Scotia women finished and stayed dry.  I dedicate this post to you who were braver, better equipped and crazier than me!  All it took was a little rain and the mention of Scotia woman to get my wheels turning.  Instead of playing more wet golf I came home and wrote about it in a nice dry cozy house!
Gratuitous sunset from one of the nicer days this week!

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