Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Here and There

I'm finally home.  The home that I live in for 9 months a year.  I got my welcome home gift when my 3 month old computer sat on my kitchen table, started clicking like a cricket and then rolled over and died.  Just died, "no operating system found".  The great Geek Squad diagnosed a dead hard drive, so she has been sent away for warranty repairs.  Along with her went lots of pictures and my ability to surf and write with ease.  I am now using a rejected work computer of TJ's.  I can totally see why it was rejected.  Like using an iPhone 2 instead of the new iPhone 5c, not that I'd know anything about iPhones, but apparently lots of people out there are addicted.  I'm so uncool!  So, I'll have to rely on my wit and writing skills to bring this post to life, no pictures.

It's time for a few here and there comparisons, because who doesn't get home from any trip and compare life at home to life....away?

Here, I can drive 2 miles and play golf with any number of friends...or my husband, in the comfort of a golf cart in the sweltering heat.
There, I drive 25 miles to play golf with some good friends...and my husband, walking and pushing my golf bag on a cart in the velvet air while I'm sure I must be burning hundreds of ill gotten calories.

Here, I have an awesome bathroom.  It is very large with walk-in closets and a shower that has amazing water pressure and a floor big enough to do those morning or evening exercises that keep old people in shape, or at least able to move the next day.
There, I have an awesome bathroom...by farmhouse/cottage standards.  I have an awesome shower with slightly more than a trickle of water pressure.  Washing this mop of hair is a challenge unless you have fire hose pressure coming out of the shower head.  I do have a view out of my bathroom window that is unmatched!

Here, I can get a pedicure any time I want at any number of salons for cheap!
There, I go 3 months without a pedicure....my poor feet!

Here, I have to buy my vegetables at the grocery store...and they taste like nothing.  I hope they have some nutritional value.
There, all I have to do is walk outside and I have my choice of delicious, nutritious vegetables in mass quantities.

Here, I drive on the roads with thousands of other people, all in a hurry to get somewhere important.
There, I drive with a few other people on the road in no big hurry to get anywhere.

Here, I have to walk my dog on a leash if I want her to get any exercise and not get run over by a car.
There, all I have to do is open the back door if I want my dog to get exercise.

Here, I can watch any of over 600 channels of television....and still sometimes there is nothing to watch.
There, if I want to watch a TV program I have to wait until the next day and watch it on my computer with variable feed success.

Here, I walk the same roads day after day and no one talks to me...some people wave which is nice.  I've been walking the same roads for over 3 years now and know a handful of people on my path.
There, I walk the same road day after day and can barely go 5 minutes without seeing someone I know or stopping for a visit.

Here, I sometimes find myself getting bored and have to figure out ways to fill time.
There, I don't think I've ever been bored...maybe once...why is that?

Here, I can go shopping any time I want!
There, not so much.

Here, we eat out at restaurants two or three times a week.
There, we have people over to eat two or three times a week and go to someone else's house to eat two or three times a week.  No restaurants!

Here, I sweat more than humanly possible between June and October.
There, I sweat a little in July.

Here, I love my house.
There, I love my house.

Here, I am close to some family and very far from other family.
There, I am close to some family and very far from other family.

Here, I feel like I belong.
There, I feel like I belong.

I could go on for much longer but you get the picture.  There is something to love about both places, the things are just different.  I enjoy being here or there!

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