Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day?

Labor Day weekend is upon us.  We are at the end of the summer, unless you live in the deep south and even though the calendar says it is fall, the weather says otherwise.  Life at the shore is winding down and will feel eerily quiet after Labor Day.  The days are getting shorter and tomorrow the school buses will start making their daily runs up and down the road.  Everyone headed home this weekend for their real lives, except me...and a few others.
The end of summer....sunset over trees instead of water.

This time of the summer leaves me feeling the same way each year, kinda like the week after New Year's.  The excitement of Christmas and New Year's is over and it is just January or in this case, it is September.  The summer long party is over!  We had plenty of fun things happening every day and there were always lots of people around.  Now that it is all over, I need to figure out what to do.  I'll have to figure out how to be still again.

I looked back at my "end of the summer" posts from the last 5 years and they all seem to say the same thing.  It was great... they are all gone... and it's time to move on.  This is the second year I have stayed into September.  I still have mixed feelings about staying this long.  I know it is still too hot to be pleasant back in Houston but when everyone else heads home I start to feel like I should be doing the same thing.  I start letting myself miss the things back at home.  Maybe it is because there isn't as much going on here and the grass is always greener....somewhere else.  Maybe I have just reached my saturation point of farm living and am ready for my city life again.  Three months is a very long time for this girl to stay away from my favorite retail establishments!

I have no doubt that the next two weeks will be enjoyable.  I just have a hard time realizing it while I say goodbye to all of the people I have spent countless hours with over the last two months.  There is something special about this time too.   There are still some very nice days to come (even though it has been raining for 3 days!) and the pace of life affords us to spend quality time together.  Plus, TJ is always full of projects, lest I consider sitting down and relaxing any time!

So... happy Labor Day!  Goodbye to my summer friends!  I'll try not to fall into a post holiday depression.  After all...I have baseboards to paint and tomato sauce to make!

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