Thursday, June 13, 2013

Start or Finish?

Are you one of those people who has several unfinished projects going at all times?  Do you come up with great ideas and start more than you can finish and leave a few abandoned?  OR Are you the person who has a couple projects going and won't begin another until they are finished?  A person who likes to see something through to the end, regardless of the outcome?  A multi-tasker or single minded?

I have been pondering this thought for the last week.  I think, or like to think, that I am more of a finisher.  Some may argue.  Maybe more accurately, I am a finisher compared to the Starter I live with.  If you think about this then maybe we are the perfect match, he starts things and I finish them.  He comes up with about 100 brilliant ideas every week and starts one after another until the next brilliant idea lures him away and then I go behind and finish the ones I feel are worthy.  This should be a great symbiotic relationship.  But....I have a question.

Does it bother the Starter that many of the projects are unfinished?  Does it bother the Starter that someone else finishes the project... not the way they would have?  On the other hand, does it bother the Finisher that they don't have much going on because they just can't move on until they see the current project finished?   As for you over achievers out there who start and finish MANY projects simultaneously, what's that like?

This year is year 5...or 6 of the great farmhouse renovation.  That is a long time for something to go unfinished in my book. Unless you consider the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, which has been under construction for over 130 years.  This isn't a cathedral....I am ready for it to be done!  Of course, once it is done what will I do with myself up here?  There have been enough starts and finishes over the past 5 years to satisfy both of us.  We have little victories every year.  This year I am hoping for some big victories.  Maybe I'm setting myself up for disappointment.  

Looking forward to arriving one year and not being able to write in the dust that covers everything!
Of course the dust is a sign of progress, of the work that was done over the winter so I should not complain, right?
This year I am taking things into my own hands and trying to get as many projects "finished" as we can.  All we need is time and money, right?  That money thing always puts a glitch in things.  I still want to get on one of those HGTV shows where they come in and rescue the poor exhausted homeowner and work miracles on the mess the owners have created.  We are so close but still so far from having that dream home.  I just hope we finish before my patience gives out...and I'm a pretty patient person.

This year... floors!  That is the numero uno job.  It may take all the patience and money we have but by golly, we will have floors and whatever else we decide to start or finish.

Maybe the floor won't look like this in another month!
Stay tuned!

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Hey, that gives me an idea....

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