Thursday, June 27, 2013


Today on my run/walk I noticed that the ditches along the road are spectacular!  Ditches are usually places for weeds, mud, runoff and wandering drunks heading home at night.  Not the nicest of places most of the time....until these few weeks in late June.  In these weeks the ditches are full of color!  A usually unsightly place takes on a new look for a few weeks a year.  If you walk or run on these roads, there is something to behold from close up.

They may be weeds, but they make me smile when I go get my mail every day!

This was what I saw at the halfway point this morning  :-)
in a ditch!

I am hoping that what feels like the ditch I am living in now (the farmhouse under attack) will soon bloom.  Right now it looks like a dirty, disorganized mess!
Mid-destruction....let the hundred year old dust start flying, achoo!

You thought I was exaggerating?  You can't even see the thin layer of dust covering everything!
I knew this process would be a messy one when we started.  I have been fortunate enough to miss out on most of the destruction and construction in the farmhouse.  I usually show up after the fact and just clean up and paint everything.  This week has been quite different.  The old floors were torn out revealing 100 years of dust and dirt!  Yipee!  Shopvac to the rescue!  I feel better already, knowing all that dirt has been cleaned up!  Out with the old and in with the new...plywood floors...for the next month.  The major change will have to wait until the hardwood arrives from parts unknown. It is currently "on the boat".  Could be here in a month, could be in 6 weeks.  I figure I have waited 5 years, what is 6 more weeks, right?  Argh!

I can't wait until my plywood floors turn into something as beautiful as this...
Ditch in full bloom!
In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy our blooming ditches and endure the dust and disruption.

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