Saturday, April 13, 2013

Senora Kick My Butt

I have ventured into my fourth language class at Rice University (continuing education).  I may have reached my saturation point!  In an effort to expose myself to as much Spanish as I can before our 35th anniversary trip to Spain in May, I enrolled in Spanish 2.  Last semester's Spanish 1 class was a kind and gentle introduction to Spanish.  We plodded along learning the very basics and I kept up fairly well.  I was not at the top of the class but I certainly wasn't at the bottom.  I still can't say much except hello, how are you and I'm from.......and congugate a few verbs.  I  was  moved up to the next level and decided "what the heck?  I'll take it until we leave for Spain, at least I will be exposed to more Spanish and maybe it will help in our travels."   "What was I thinking???"  

I missed the first class, which was a big mistake.  When I showed up to the second class I felt like I had entered the Spanish Twilight Zone!  I think everyone else in the class studied Spanish in high school and college and are just taking this as a little refresher....    I feel like a non-mathematical kid stuck in Algebra 2, clueless!  "What is everyone saying and why can't I understand them?"   "No.... don't call on me!  I have no clue what the question is, much less the answer!" 

I will call my new professora, Senora Patear mi Culata.  Every Tuesday and Thursday night I voluntarily show up to class and get my fanny kicked!  Compared to my other language professors  she is a slave driver.  We have hours of homework every class.  I diligently do my homework and still feel very unprepared when I get to class.  She speaks rapid fire Spanish 90% of the class and I catch about 15% of what she is saying.  The volume of vocabulary is staggering to say the least.  It is like learning a foreign language!  haha!  I still get busted for using my French accent too, "Senora, that's a  French accent!  The "g" is pronounce "h" in Spanish."  She teaches university Spanish classes as well as the Continuing Education classes and told us that we cover in 8 weeks what her other classes cover in 16.  Thanks!  I feel so much better/worse.   She looked at me sympathetically after the last class and said, "Senora, is everything OK?"  I told her my head was spinning and I feel at a distinct disadvantage having never studied Spanish before, unlike the rest of the class.  She then surprised me and told me that she could tell I was "una persona intellegent" and assured me I was in the right level class.   Whew!   Now on to the hours of homework,  so I don't get mi culata kicked on Tuesday!


Starman said...

I know what you mean. I am terrible at languages. I can speak French, but I have no clue when they speak to me.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

As someone who recently embarked on continuing education at the ripe age of 36, I can relate.

But hey, upwards and onwards! I'm sure you won't regret it. And when you get to Spain, you'll be damn proud of yourself for sticking with it despite the virtual culada-kickings Spanish seems to be doling out right now ;-)

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