Monday, April 29, 2013


Remember this post on resolutions back in January?  While I did not make any resolutions, I was fully aware of some changes that needed to take place in my life.  I'll explain, with a little science lesson .....

Thanks Sir Issac Newton

I have been at "rest" for a while in a few areas of my life or maybe I have been in motion, at the   s-a-m-e  s-l-o-w  s-p-e-e-d, for several years.  I just did not like the direction I was heading!  Something had to be done and it took an unbalanced force, in the form of Lent, to move me in a different direction.  What started as a Lenten effort has once again become a positive force in my life.

Lent lead me on a quest to get a grip on my eating and drinking habits and rediscover my waistline.  It had been missing in action and recently disappeared all together.  I joined forces with my daughter as we diligently followed Weight Watchers during Lent.  I had definitely become lazy and undisciplined when it came to my diet.  My love of food and wine had chased my waistline away.  It is one thing to know in your head what you need to do and a completely different thing to put it into action.  I needed an unbalanced force!

Anyway, the point is, that with the help of WW and the cruel and unusual punishment I inflicted on myself when I joined Marathon Girl's 2013 Health Challenge for 6 weeks ( which could be a whole post itself), I have found my's here somewhere!  While I do feel better and hopefully look better (because it would be sad if I had done all of the work for nothing) I still dream about Chick-fil-a sandwiches and drinking more than one..or two glasses of wine at night!  I am hoping that I can continue in this new direction and avoid any unbalanced forces to knock me back.  Of course, there is our trip to Spain on Friday....I'm sure there won't be any good food or wine there!  Right??!!  

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