Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Have To Try Really Hard To Concentrate

While I was in my yoga class last week I had a thought.  I know....I'm not supposed to think while doing yoga, I am supposed to breathe.  I can't help it...I was thinking, sometimes I pray.  I still miss my Mississauga yoga studio and probably always will because it was the best yoga studio ever!

The awesome Mississauga yoga studio was a bastion of peacefulness, it had beautiful new cork floors..that were regularly cleaned, low lights, a hot room (which I loved) and a regular room, mirrored walls, soft music and excellent instructors who mixed  up the class every week.  They were great!  It was luxurious! 

I go to a yoga class at our country club now... because it is there and does not cost me anything extra.  It is in a gymnasium type room with icky wood floors.  I have no idea the last time they were washed.  In the room next to us there is loud thumping music  and  shouts from the instructor for the spin class that takes place at the same time as our yoga class.  Our room is FREEZING cold when we get it because there is a step class before our yoga class and they like it cold because they are working up a sweat and need to cool off.  When we come in the room the lights are bright, the fans are going at warp speed and the floor is grimy with sneaker grit, ahhh so zen.  Our instructor turns the lights down, turns on some very nice music and tries her best to create a yoga worthy atmosphere. 

You really have to concentrate to forget the whomping music and shouting in the room next door.  You have to concentrate to avoid freezing your ass off before you are able to warm up.  It takes a lot more time to loosen up your muscles in a freezing cold room, we all wear our jackets for the first 15 minutes of the class.  We put our jackets on for the end of class too, otherwise we would shiver right through shivasana.

I still go to the frigid yoga and most of the time I enjoy the class.  I must say though that there are days when I would just love to be back in Mississauga at my old yoga studio all warm and clean and challenging, sometimes I just try to transport myself there....mentally, I just have to concentrate really hard!


rachnd1213 said...

Your upcoming trip to Madison will be complete with hot delicious floor yoga :) Can't wait to see you!

daniel j. taylor said...

Found your blog by way of the "Next Blog" link.

Sounds like a place for advanced yogis only! I imagine a lot of practice and focus (on your focuslessness?) would be necessary to really get into a good yoga groove in a place as disruptive as that!

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