Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Football, Food and Family

So....before November ends....I need to write one last post.  Looks like November has been a boring month on the blog but really I have just been paddling like a dog trying to keep my head above the water!  I have not forgotten you, so here is one last post of a lot of life and living before we enter "the holidays".

We started our Thanksgiving tour on the Friday before Thanksgiving week with a trip to Notre Dame.  We met Rachel, Matt and Daniel and Christopher in South Bend for a little Notre Dame football.

Daniel and Christopher, tailgating at the Notre Dame game, they are pros!

 The Irish treated us with a win, just barely...and it did not snow...but it was a bit cool!  We walked all over campus several times and were greeted by collegiate traditions everywhere.  It was like being in a stereotypical college movie, I loved it!  We heard the glee club sing outside one building, then we saw "the team" heading into the Basilica for their pre-game quiet time.  We saw the band, lead by the Irish Guard, march through campus and then heard them perform on campus before the game.

The Irish Guard, "step aside, make way!"

  It was a weekend that we had several brushes with celebrity too!  The band Chicago played with the ND band on campus before the game and then again at half time.  We saw a huge long line outside the bookstore and asked what everyone was waiting for and then saw the sign...the recently retired Regis Philbin was inside signing his book!  That was as close as we go to Reeg though, we had a 31/2 year old and a 2 year old with us, even Regis is not worth waiting for with them!

Our brush with celebrity.....

Then at the game, right on the field in front of our seats they introduced Jon Bon Jovi!!  (sorry, no Bon Jovi photo )

We said goodbye to Notre Dame and spent a day and a half in Chicago on our way to Madison.  TJ was working and I was getting into the Christmas spirit on Michigan Ave. with the bustling crowds and the chilly wind in my face surrounded by festive decorations.  The shopping was a bit unsuccessful but it was a nice walk.

On Monday, I picked up our LG and drove to Madison for the rest of the week.  Our LG had some exciting news on the drive....she has a new job in New York City!  A piece of exciting and terrifying news all at once.  I can't wait to visit her in the the Big Apple!

The rest of the week was spent preparing for the Thanksgiving feast, keeping up with the grandsons and watching football.  Pretty much a perfect week.  See?

Did you say jump?  Christopher at swimming lessons.

Daniel aka Mark Spitz at his swimming lessons.  Yes, he can swim!
Pucker up and give me a kiss!
This is what Thanksgiving dinner looks like when you have a sad....
Feeling better and getting a haircut!
It was haircuts all around, Christopher found it a little hard to sit still for his haircut though so Aunt Kelly helped distract him.
So now we are all back to our lives.  Our visit up north was great fun hanging out with the grandsons and getting to see them in their real lives.  I love just being there in their world.  They are too cute, not that I am biased or anything.  So, I am thankful for grandkids and the time we get to spend together!

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