Monday, January 18, 2010

Second Year Savasana

My life is a lot like my yoga. As I was attempting to do one of the more challenging poses today at yoga and the instructor was telling us to relax and not make it so hard and to just give in to the pose, I had a thought. Moving and living in a different place can be likened to going to yoga over time. How? Here goes....(my mind does wander a bit at yoga!)

My first yoga classes were very challenging. I was very sore after every class, for weeks. I kept wondering when it would get easier, surely after doing this 3 times a week I would be able to do all the poses and my body would not feel like it had been stretched like a rubber band afterwards. It has been a year and a half that I've been going to this class and I don't get sore after every class, only the particularly challenging ones, and I can do poses I could not do when I started. Still not a pro by any stretch, pun intended, but getting better.

When we move somewhere new the first year is like those first weeks of yoga class. Everything is unfamiliar and there are many challenges. Where to live, where to shop, find a doctor, find a dentist, where do you get your car repaired, building a new social network, learning the area and when will I feel like I belong? You are "sore" for a year just trying to make a new life. This is not to say there is no joy in the first year. There are countless victories that come through the year, just like the first time you can do the crow pose or a headstand. But these are firsts and not routine just yet, it takes time and practice for it to become part of you.

The second year is letting everything "set in". I had that thought as we were doing our final Savasana, corpse pose, today and the instructor said this pose helps the work of the class "set in" to our bodies... just like the second year. Everything is starting to feel familiar, and life is a little easier, just like some of those poses. The second year is when all of the work of the first year pays off. I sure do like the second year more than the first, can I just start on year two next time?

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