Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day North

I guess summer is over. Yesterday was Labor Day and the kiddies are back at school today. The leaves in my front yard are starting to fall and vacation is over. Sigh. I am seriously hoping for a long beautiful fall with lots of patio time.

TJ and I rode bikes yesterday around the lake and I cannot remember Sept. 1 ever being so beautiful. One bonus of living up north, playing outside in August and Sept. and not dying from heat and humidity. I'm sure the downside will be this winter when all I want to do is play outside. We shall see.

Thought I would include some pictures from my bike yesterday. Totally enjoying the outdoors up here these days!

Political aside:

Toronto Star headline Saturday: "A Gun-Toting Mother " referring to McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin. With a 1/2 page front page photo of her.

Toronto Star article Sunday, page 5ish: " Sarah Palin as Miss Congeniality" with a picture of her aiming an automatic weapon. (actually the article was very entertaining and definitely a commentary)

Hmmm, do you think they like her? I'm not sure. .. It is no wonder there are no conservatives up here. I am enjoying watching the slant on the US election from here, very different perspective that's for sure.

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