Sunday, August 3, 2008

The craziness of mid vacation

It is mid vacation and I am working on being exhausted. The annual Christie Brown games were last weekend and much fun was had by all. I did not really participate much this year because of the arm injury. No volleyball and softball with two plates in my left arm! I did do the three legged race and that was about it. The Browns won this year, surprisingly as we were missing many key players.

Then the week flew by with a margarita party, the cousin dinner (at the farmhouse!) and dinner at the Browns for Lesley's birthday. All in all a very fun week but a very full week.

Kelly and Michael and Gina (girlfriend) arrived on Friday to rain and grey skies. We haven't seen the sun yet, boo hoo. Last night was a big party for the Atherton/Swetnam cottage and we danced until it was way too late/early. Today is recouperation day and tonight will be lobster dinner and stay at home night. Much needed by all.

Michael and Gina are here until Thursday and then TJ will be gone back to work and it will just be Kelly, Rachel, Daniel and I. I think I may even be able to read my book again and get some things accomplished. We love seeing everyone but also enjoy the peace and quiet when it is all done.

Some pictures to share.....

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