Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer at the shore, Part 1

TJ and I arrived on July4! How appropriate that we arrived on Independence Day. Independence from the big city and freedom at the shore. The weather has been divine for the most part, at least the first week was unbelievable. Today it is raining and a perfect day to catch up on chores and communications.

I loved the quiet of the first week,although I was exhaused just following TJ around and doing all the farmhouse things we needed to do. There is an ifinite number of things to be done at the farmhouse but things are coming along and the rewards are beginning to show. It is still a long way from becoming our vision of the family home.

The kitchen is beautiful and better than any kitchen I have ever had in any home I've lived in. Sigh.

It was great to just be here and spend the day doing physical stuff and have dinner and end the day fullfilled an exhausted at the same time. Things have slowed and sped up at the same time. The progress at the farmhouse has slowed but the social life has sped up and they days seem to pass quicker when more people arrive. I already see the days flying by and want time to stop so I can just stay here longer.

Enjoy this while it lasts!

Here are some pictures to enjoy.

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