Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to have fun in the winter

When in Rome.... or when in the frigid north.... ski!

One advantage of this location is the proximity to skiing. TJ and I joined the Browns one weekend in Ellicottville for a ski weekend. We all had a great time. The snow was not quite like the snow in Utah, but the company was great and we somehow managed to have a good time. The dogs got to come too and sure did love the freedom of running around in the snow! A true winter wonderland.

It was a real adventure driving out on Sunday in TJ's truck after it had snowed all night. Trucks are not known for their ability to climb snow covered hills. It took us 3 tries to finally get up the hill and over the crest and onto the main road. The Little Engine That Could came to mind. If I could have only been able to push! Driving home in whiteout conditions was a new experience too.

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