Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Pancake Day

Happy Pancake Day!

Yes, it is Pancake Day in Canada??!!! Not Mardi Gras, Pancake Day. What have I moved to????

I found out at dinner from a friend of Linda's that the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday is called Pancake Day in Canada. You are supposed to eat pancakes for dinner. Woooo Hoooo! Wow, all these years we thought you were supposed to eat, drink and be merry when all along we were supposed to be eating pancakes! What have we been missing? NOTHING!

Thought you would all appreciate the humor in this finding. Apparently, the tradition is from the English (boring) heritage when everyone was supposed to empty their pantry of the "good stuff" in preparation for fasting during Lent so they used all the sugar, eggs and butter (must have been from Tatamagouche) for pancakes. Again, whooo, hooo! No mention of the wine, beer and King Cake! I much prefer the French and Spanish tradition of Mardi Gras.

So eat, drink and eat pancakes!
Happy Mardi Gras!
Love, Lisa

P.S. weather report for anyone who cares. Rain tonight. All the snow is melting and the temp was in the +category all day, even saw the sun for a few hours this afternoon. Above freezing for you farenheiters. That's all from here for now. Gotta go set the butter out for tomorrow!

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