Monday, April 10, 2017

10 things I've Been Doing Instead of Writing

1.  I've played a lot of golf.  It's spring in Texas and that means sunny skies, moderate temperatures, green grass and plenty of time to play golf.  In my group of golf friends a few of us leave town for the summer so we are taking advantage of being together with many rounds of golf.  I lost my game somewhere in November and have been searching for it ever since. It's finally getting closer to something more enjoyable and less frustrating!
TJ and I  got to play like the pros at the Shell Open tournament course.
There is a reason we are not pros!
2.  I've spend some time with Logan.  Being in town has its advantages when it comes to grand parenting.  I've been able to pitch in a bit when he has a sick day and we have occasional Gigi play dates.   Logan loves his Grampy and runs into the office looking for him as soon as we come in the back door.  He likes him best because he plays baseball with him...I just do things like torture him by taking him to get his hair cut.  An event Logan was less than thrilled about but he sure did look cute afterward!
Playing with this guy....much more fun than blogging!
3. I have taken many walks with Ed Sheeran.  I bought his latest album and am in love!  I find myself wishing I could dance my way along the sidewalks instead of walk when he is singing in my ears.  His music puts me in the best mood!  The song Perfect is....PERFECT!  I see many brides and grooms dancing their first dance to this song.  I could write an entire blog post about this album, each song tells a story and I love all of them.  So many different styles of music and yet it is all Ed.  I am pretty much obsessed!

4.  I enjoyed bluebonnet season and practiced my photography skills a bit.   Bluebonnets just beg to be photographed.  I took pictures of Logan in the bluebonnets.  I took pictures of just plain wildflowers.  I took pictures of Flat Stanley (see #5) in the bluebonnets.
A 2 year old moving target

5.  We hung out with Flat Stanley.  Our grandson's 3rd grade class read Flat Stanley and we helped the class out by taking his version...Flat Daniel, on a few field trips.  It is funny how you see the same things with different eyes when you have a little crayon colored all looks interesting and beautiful.
Welcome to Texas!
6.  I've been living vicariously through my kids. My son is in India having the ride of his life.  He is doing The Rickshaw Run... 2700km from the north of India to the south in a tuk tuk.  Every morning I grab my phone to check for the latest updates and photos from the road.  If I were only a 32 year old guy, I'd be there with them!  Thank goodness for social media.  My youngest is spending her spring break in Japan so I now get to check for her updates and visit another country through the wonders of the Internet.
India via tuk tuk

7.  I've been shadow dancing.  We have had some amazing clear, crisp days and while I've been walking with Ed Sheeran the shadows have been beautiful.  Just enough leaves in the trees to make things interesting but not too many to block out all the light.  Daylight savings time also enables me to take late afternoon walks... my favorite time of day!


8.  I've been drinking a lot less.  We both decided to give up drinking during the week (we have our limits) for Lent. After a couple of weeks I don't miss it that much, except on particularly lovely evenings when sitting outside with a nice glass of wine would be my "go to" activity.  I must say, I feel a lot better in general and appreciate a nice glass of wine even more on the weekends.  If you ask TJ what he thinks all I can say is by Thursday afternoon he comes up with comments like, "This is going to be the best Easter EVER!"  and I don't think he is talking about the spiritual aspect of the day.

9.  I've been washing a lot of workout clothes!  I noticed as I folded the laundry the other day that about 90% of it is exercise related.  Bike shorts, bike shirts, yoga clothes, golf clothes, gym shorts, sports bras, and lots of socks.  You would think we would be in better shape with all of the exercise we get!

10.  I've been planning a trip to Portugal.  I will be celebrating "that" birthday in June and TJ is taking me on a trip at the end of May.  I have spent many hours reading, researching,  and reserving.  Portugal looks amazing and I am very excited!  So every time I sat at the computer over the last month I have been planning and dreaming about our trip instead of writing.

Finally, I have been thinking of things to write, starting to write and then deleting it all and starting again hoping to get something coherent enough to post.  When all else fails....write a list!  Done!

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