Friday, February 12, 2016

The Joy of Naptime

Nap time is probably one of life's most luxurious and gratifying practices!  I am not a regular nap taker but I certainly appreciate the benefits of quiet time in the middle of the day.  My husband would take a nap every day if it was a socially acceptable practice for grown, working people!  We can all use a little down time in the middle of our day, it makes us much more productive overall and far less grumpy!  Yes, maybe we did learn everything we ever needed to know in kindergarten!

I remember when my children were young, I needed them to nap as much as they needed to nap.  A day could be made or broken based on whether nap time was successful.  Some days we all just needed a little solitary confinement to regroup and recharge!  I was usually very productive while the kids were resting.  I folded mountains of laundry, prepped many meals, sewed countless dresses for my girls and cleaned up the remains of the morning all while I watched one or more of my favorite soaps (remember soaps?) during rest time.  I gathered my thoughts and put things into perspective while the kids were napping.  All was well with our world if everyone took a good nap.  The days when there was no nap in nap time were the days Daddy came home to an unholy mess of cranky children and a crankier mommy.  Poor Daddy!

I was reminded of the sheer bliss of nap time today while I was taking care of one of my grandsons. He woke up at dark-thirty this morning and has been very cheerful all day.  Between the early wake up call, reading and listening to oodles of stories, staying afloat at swimming lessons, running several errands in sub freezing temperatures, lunch time followed by another of life's great pleasures...playing in and decorating a giant box....I think he and I are ready for a nap!  I will say, he is one of the best nap takers I've ever known!  He gives his Grampy a run for his money!  I would have been thrilled if any of my children went down for an afternoon rest with the ease and joy of this guy!  He makes me want to lay down covered with silky soft blankets too.  In the quiet afternoon sunlight I am reminded of how much I loved nap time and the peace...and opportunity it provided.

Recharging his cuteness!

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