Friday, January 8, 2016

January....Not For Wimps

Morning has broken
Happy New Year everyone!  The new year is just like this morning when the sun was shining through the fog and trees.  It is beautiful, fresh and full of possibilities.  I was on my way to play a muddy round of golf and was mesmerized by these rays of light.  This was not my first time to see this but usually I'm running late or surrounded by other cars and can't stop to take a photo.  This morning there wasn't a soul to be seen so I stopped in the middle of the road and snapped away.  I am in love with the sun... as has been evidenced by my sunset fixation and even the occasional beautiful sunrise I'm awake to witness.  So as we are into the second week of the new year, how's it going?

 The months of December and January are probably the two most different consecutive months of the year.  December is full of anticipation, parties, family, hustle and bustle, shiny decorations, over eating and maybe over drinking, hearing from friends and family from near and far, crazy schedules with too few hours in each day to do everything that needs to be done, and two of the most celebrated holidays in the world, Christmas and New Year's Eve.  Poor January doesn't stand a chance!

January starts on a high note with New Year's day and immediately winds down to a month when we resolve to work out more, eat less, drink less, do more, be a better person....blah, blah, blah.  We make ourselves do all of this without all of the shiny decorations and holiday gatherings that have been making us happy over the last month.  The parties are all over, those friends and relatives from near and far have gone back to their own lives and we may not hear from many of them until next December.  January is a month where we have got to be strong!  We have to pull up our boot straps and forge ahead on that measly carb-free meal, exhausted from working out and sober to boot, through the trenches of post holiday reality.  January is not for wimps!

Forging ahead...boot straps firmly pulled's time to make a decision.  Study a language, writing or photography?  With no trips planned to any countries that speak French or Spanish, the need to study a language is not pressing.  The writing class is terrifying but intriguing.  I have been feeling less than inspired lately.  Not sure whether that is from leading an uninspired life, lack of imagination or laziness.  The photography class could be interesting but would inevitably make me feel insecure with my poor excuse of a camera.  I am leaning towards throwing myself to the wolves and taking the writing class, the gray matter needs some shaking up!  Hang in there gang, only 23 more days left!

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