Sunday, November 22, 2015

An Unexpected Evening

Sometimes life surprises you!  I've been plugging along in my life doing what I do everyday, nothing spectacular or blog worthy.  I won't say life has been boring because it hasn't been.  It's actually been great but who wants to read about beautiful weather, my golf game, book club, family visitors, college football and me actually making cute foods "as seen on" Pinterest?

Yes, I actually made a cheese ball in the shape of a dice for Bunco.
I have way too much time!
Last night a friend invited us to a private club for some fun, fellowship and live music.  Far be it from us to refuse an offer like that.  I'll just preface this by saying I'm not a huge country music fan. I can listen to it in small doses and I'll watch the country music awards shows and can definitely appreciate the good stuff every now and then but it is not my "go to" music of choice. The concert venue was definitely a country music place with a name like The Redneck Country Club!  I dusted off my boots and put on my jeans and we geared up for a big Friday night.  I honestly had no idea what to expect.  I was more than pleasantly surprised!

We got there early and when we walked in I thought the place was awesome!  There was both indoor and outdoor space.  Outside there were beanbag games set up, outdoor fire pits, a bar, lawn chairs and lights and inside there was a nice stage, some neat reclaimed wood walls and ceilings, beer bottle chandeliers, some redneck kitsch and the seats were old school lawn chairs!  I knew then and there I was in for a different kind of night.  

Not a bad place for a concert!
Like I said, we were early....

I had the feeling I was back at Gilley's during the Urban Cowboy days but without the mechanical bulls.  Not that I ever went there but I did see the movie.  It was as if all the people from 1980 were moved to this building 35 years later and 35 years older.  A few things caused me to pause through the night.  First, I noticed a bar stool at the bar with guns as legs and a vest hanging over the back of the chair covered with military patches.  There was a sign on the bar in front of the bar stool that said "this seat is reserved in honor of all those men and women who fought for our country and never returned home."  Sigh....  The club definitely honors veterans. 

 Before the headliner was introduced the announcer asked all of the veterans to raise their hands and everyone gave them a round of applause.  He proceeded to asked them to come to the dance floor in front.  He asked who had fought in Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, and any other conflicts.  It was quite the moment in light of recent events in the world.  I found myself feeling very proud.  It's easy to forget that there are men and women generously serving our country every day and it was nice to be in their presence and show them some respect and appreciation.  
The crowd standing in appreciation of their service.
The music was boot scootin' good!  I had never heard of the Paul Thorn Band  (go ahead and click on one of the links and give them a listen) before but I'll probably hear them again!  I can totally appreciate a good singer/songwriter and he was definitely entertaining. I noticed there were two men who danced with several different women throughout the night and many times they were the only ones on the dance floor.  One fellow was a tall drink of water and what a dancer!  He had on boots, of course, and a black cowboy hat with a tassel that he totally rocked and boy could he dance!  I know, I already said that but it is worth repeating.  It was Texas two-step at its best.  The other fellow was older and wider and also a very good dancer.  I mentioned to our friends that I thought maybe they worked there and just danced with different women to lure others onto the dance floor.  She confirmed my suspicion.  I was in awe of their smooth steps! 

The evening was a pleasant surprise all around.  A cool venue, a touch of patriotism, great music and dancing all in one.  Unexpected and just what I needed to get me out of my day to day routine life and show me a bit of Texas.  Thanks friends!

Being the responsible drinkers that we are, we used Uber for our transportation.  Our driver on the way home was a student.  While chatting we found out he is studying nursing, is from Afghanistan, worked for the U.S. military for three years and is very homesick for his family who is still in Afghanistan.   I couldn't help but think there was some sort of cosmic message in the entire evening.  Maybe I do like country music.

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Carol said...

Rather full circle and poignant, Lisa. I believe we all benefit, from time to time, of these reminders of how small our world is and our basic love for family and homeland(s). And great job with the Pinterest cheese cube die!

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