Friday, August 14, 2015

Going Back

The Reunion
couple few weeks ago, I spent a week at my parents house, sleeping in my old bedroom and roaming the same streets I did 40 years ago.  If you want to feel old and young all at the same time try it someday.  I was there all by myself, no husband, no kids and no dog.  Just like back in high school... just a lot older.  I was home to help my parents through a transition after my Dad fell and broke his hip and fractured his neck.  (You will just have to read all about that in my book, I'll just say he and George Bush have something in common now.).  My 40th high school reunion happened to be on the weekend during my visit.  Months ago when the event was planned and Dad was much healthier, I resigned myself to not being able to attend since the dates were during concentrated family time in Nova Scotia.  We plan and God laughs.

It didn't take me long to decide I would attend the reunion once I realized I would actually be in town!  It turned out to be a huge bright spot in an otherwise challenging week.  When my husband had his 40th reunion I was so impressed and inspired, after reluctantly attending, that I wrote about it here.  Everything I said about his reunion held true for mine, go about it, I'll wait.  I vowed to attend my own when the time came and through some unfortunate circumstances in spite of my best laid plans, I was able to attend.

My class reunion was just as great as I had hoped, it was so much fun to see so many old friends and to catch up on everyone's lives.  I only wish I could have caught up even more with some people.  Let me just say, it's hard to dress to impress people you haven't seen for 40 years with beads of sweat dripping down your face and wet hair glued to your forehead and neck.  July is not the ideal time to be in southern Louisiana! There is no amount of air conditioning  that can over come temperatures in the high 90's down here!  At least we were all in the same hot sweaty boat!

So much fun hanging out with these ladies!
 This was the first time that I have gone away during my summer months at the shore for more than a weekend.  As much fun as the reunion was, I sure do appreciate this place even more after a very hot week in Baton Rouge.

Thanks for the memories class of '75!

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Carol said...

I am feeling vicarious joy in your attendance of your reunion. The Class of 1975 rings nostalgic to me. Yes, we plan and God laughs. So happy for your unexpected pleasure during a stressful, trying week!

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