Friday, December 12, 2014

Naked Cheese

Are you a Pinterest enthusiast?  If so, you need to stop reading right now!  You have more important things to be doing instead of reading my blog.   You have halls to be decking, an elf to put on a shelf somewhere, food to be making that is not only delicious and nutritious but in the shape of a reindeer or a sleigh, gifts to wrap that look better than what is inside the box and holiday cards to print and sprinkle with glitter!  So many Pinterest ideas and so little time!  Meanwhile, people like me have time to play golf in December instead of making my ham into the shape of a Christmas ornament.  Call me Scrooge....but I might just put Martha Stewart into tears with my lack of craftiness.

Let me prove my point.
The other night I was going out to a winery with a few friends and since we were allowed to bring food to the winery, I volunteered to bring a cheese plate.  I was very proud of my 4 cheeses displayed on my pottery platter.  Proud, until I showed up at my friend, Ski Buddy's,  house.  She had also decided to bring the shape of a very cute snowman!  My cheeses suddenly slumped into depression at their unfestiveness.

Cheese plate vs. Pinterest Cheese Ball Snowman
The win goes to Mr. Cheese Ball Snowman.

I must admit the cheese ball snowman was delicious as well as very cute.  Though uncreative, my cheeses were delicious.  I think they had a complex all night long though, they felt so naked next to Mr. Cheese Ball Snowman.  I would also like to point out that there are more decorations in this one picture than there are in my entire house.  Not really, but close!

Christmas is one of those times when my minimal efforts become glaringly apparent.  I'm just not a Pinterest person.  I find it is not good for my self esteem.  All of these people have time and energy to do all this stuff and post it on Pinterest, this makes me feel like such an underachiever. Seriously... who has time for all this stuff?  No one is ever going to be able to try everything on Pinterest.  We can't decorate our homes using all of the beautiful ideas or cook all of the yummy foods or try all of the unique and life changing ideas, there just aren't enough hours in the day, especially if you play golf!  Maybe my "all or nothing" mentality is the problem.  If I can't do it all, I just won't do anything.  I'll admit, I have used a few Pinterest ideas.  Mostly, I just look at it for about 3 minutes and get hives and click back to my Facebook page or SportsCenter.

Exhibit 2

My nativity scene:

 I've got Mary, Joseph, a shepard, some animals, the Wise men 
and I even threw in some angels and a distant church.

Ski Buddy's nativity scene.
It looks like they are in Bethlehem instead of on a shelf!  There are rocks, and sand and moss!  
So much more creative.

Of course there is also my daughter's nativity...
arranged by my grandson!
Boys - animals - girls.
Maybe she should post this on Pinterest!

If you need me this week, I'll be playing golf while my nativity set wanders around the shelf wondering where their rocks and moss are and my cheese looks for it's fluffy parmesan cheese coat.


Gary Mansfield said...

Well...there is your problem. Give up golf and become Martha Stewart Jr. Problem're welcome!��

Carol said...

You'll see a cheese plate very similar to yours at the Winery, when you come to my house. Must be in the genes.

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