Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Day They Said "I do"

Being a woman with certain organizational skills, our daughter had written a detailed timeline for the day of the wedding.  Being a woman of certain go-with-the-flow skills I was glad to have the timeline to refer to during the day of the wedding but found myself not quite "on task" all the time.  We were almost to the point when we could just let the current of the day pick us up and carry us while we sat back and enjoyed the ride.  

First on the timeline was for Dad to cook breakfast for everyone in the house.  Dad was very excited about this, he loves to cook breakfast.  He especially loves to cook breakfast when there are people awake and ready to eat very early in the morning.  Our timeline said breakfast was at 7 and he was at the stove at 7!  He was very surprised when he woke up at 6:30, came out to the kitchen and saw the bride in her running clothes heading out for a run!  Guess she couldn't sleep either.  Meanwhile I was still in bed clinging to the last quiet moments of the day.

We love breakfast!
After we were all fully nourished, it was time to start getting beautiful....not that we aren't already beautiful!  To quote my dear departed friend Debbie, "This... doesn't just happen."  which she would say referring to "her look".  Our daughter-in-law, aka amazing hairdresser, was at the house bright and early according to the timeline and did all of the Mahoney women's hair for the wedding.  Four heads of massive hair done in one morning and she did a fantastic job!  No small feat.

One down, 3 to go!

This is where the magic happened....it takes a village!

Things started to get very real when the bride's hair and makeup were done and the bridesmaids had all arrived in their dresses and the photographer arrived for some pictures.  We were all dressed up. I had seen the bride in her dress many times between fittings and bridal portraits but she never looked as beautiful as she did on her wedding day.  Maybe it was that early morning run or the breakfast Dad cooked or being surrounded by her family and friends but there was an effervescence that came over her on her wedding day.

Joy and happiness....check

Meanwhile, in the rose garden, the maid of honor practiced her toast to a captive audience.
Once the bride put the dress on it was only a matter of time.  The collective energy escalated.  We were all doing so well trying to be cool, calm and collected but once the dress went on we were all practically giddy with excitement.  We took pictures outside in what can only be described as chamber of commerce weather.  Did I mention we had the most glorious weather possible the entire weekend?  Low humidity, moderate temperatures and plenty of sunshine, we could not have ordered it any better.

The ring bearers/ grandsons/nephews
I think this is right after the photographer said, "boogers".... it worked!
A champagne toast before the short ride to the church, cheers!

These stairs were made for this!
Even when there is a timeline and the bride has planned everything down to the last detail there has to be a surprise.  Stealthily, her father and I decided there needed to be one more touch to the day and it would be a surprise for the bride and groom.  When the bride and bridesmaids left in the limo for the church, TJ and I jumped in our car and sped to the church so we would get there before the limo.  I wanted to see her face when she saw the surprise.

I think she is surprised...and a bit happy

Thanks Mom
What is a Mahoney wedding without a bagpiper outside to greet the guests?
Inside the church the guests arrived and there was waiting.  It was finally here!  Time to take a deep breath. This is when you just ride the current of the day and do what whoever is in charge tells you to do because you are in no condition to make decisions on your own at this point.

"Walk down the aisle with your handsome son now."
No problem!!!
This is where the pictures of all of us walking down the aisle should be, but I don't have any because we were all too busy watching it happen to take pictures.  I'm sure our photographer has some beautiful pictures, that I may just share when we get them.

The priest welcomed everyone, the readings were expertly read by the groom's sister-in-law and the bride's brother-in-law.  The priest gave a very nice homily and the marriage vows were exchanged.  Again, no pictures because we were all so focused on watching and listening to the happy couple say "I do". The bride and groom were introduced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. James O'Sullivan and they got to kiss!  And just like that....they were married!

Immediately following the recession there were high fives and happiness in the back of the church.
Note that shiny wedding ring on the groom's left hand!
Mr. and Mrs. James O'Sullivan
Father and daughter

Just married!
.... and the timeline says it's time to party!


Yvon said...

I can feel the excitement just reading this. Looks like a perfect wedding. Noreen

Carol said...

Love reliving it with these blogs. Katie was a beautiful bride, but you were the most beautiful Mother Of The Bride I've ever seen. Ever! Elegant and beautiful!!

Lisa said...

Thanks ladies. Carol, remember...it took a village, but thank you. Wearing happiness is easy.

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