Monday, August 5, 2013

A True Fairy Tale

It was a perfect beach day!
Once upon a time there was a girl who loved the book, Anne of Green Gables.  She loved the story and the setting.  She spent most summers in Nova Scotia and like many girls, related to Anne in many ways.  She was headstrong, like Anne.  She also dreamed that some day she and "her Gilbert" might be married in Amherst Shore, Nova Scotia.

That girl came to the shore this summer with "her Gilbert".  They took a walk along the sandbars on a perfect beach day.  They headed out, hand in hand, for their first walk together on these beloved sandbars.  She had always wanted to have someone special to share this place with and this was her chance.  He had heard about the shore from her many times and was finally here to experience it for himself.  He loved it after only a few hours.

Let's take a walk.....

They left together for a walk as a couple and returned engaged couple.  "Her Gilbert" proposed to her on those beloved sandbars!  She may not be getting married at Amherst Shore... but she got engaged at Amherst Shore, on a perfect day to the man she loves.  When they returned, everyone asked if they had a good walk.  They were glowing....we all love the sandbars, but we don't usually glow after we return from our walk.  They just stood in front of us and glowed...and then announced that they were engaged!  The circle of friends and relatives all stood up, cheered and gave them a round of applause followed by champagne...on the beach!  Word quickly made it's way around the shore and people stopped by all day to congratulate the newly engaged couple.   It was the perfect beach day!

Congratulations Katie and James!
Thanks for a memorable day on the beach!
And they all lived happily every after!

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Mary said...

Thank you for sharing their beautiful beach day with us! John and I are so happy for them, and all of you. Enjoy the rest of your summer at the shore!

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