Thursday, August 16, 2012

Their Last Day

The kids have come and gone.  It was a fun two weeks!  They came in waves and left in waves.  Of course we never get to do everything we want to do when we are together.  Each of us has our favorite things about the shore and we each want to have the best time possible.  The only problem is that it is impossible to do everything you want to do and then everything everyone else wants to do and still have time to do nothing, which is what we all really want to do when we are here.  Well, at least I do.

The grandsons were here for almost two weeks and they are at such cute ages, exhausting ages, but still super cute!  They were here long enough to really get into the rhythm of the shore.  I fear this rhythm will not play out well at home though.  Life is so much more structured with so many more rules than the shore.

On their last day I decided to take lots of pictures and capture them just doing stuff.  I want to remember just how cute they were this summer.  Luckily they were doing lots of fun things that were photo worthy.  So without any further adieu...their last day.

There was pea picking with Mommy
They did a little climbing

Christopher went down the slide

And he went up the slide
They raced cars on the deck

They had a picnic lunch outside

It was so nice outside that Daniel wanted to have his rest on the deck.


                    There was walking in the water with Mommy    
There was swimming with friends

They scowled at the paparazzi and ate snacks on the beach

At the end of the day they walked down the beach to the rocks and climbed around for a while

And then they Razzle Dazzled our favorite place in the world!

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