Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

You came!  Merry Christmas!
Here is a pictorial review of our year.  All in one place, saving lots of paper....trees....branches!

A trip to New Orleans with good friends Bob and Donna!  Laissez les bonne temps roulez!

We went to New York City (where Kelly will be living as of January 2012) with good friends Rick and Patty and found a
Chinese New Year's parade in Chinatown!

We went to Park City with friends and family...a good time was had by all!
(and no bones were broken)

TJ rode 180 miles in two days in the MS 150...again!
And it did not rain again in Houston until October....

We got to see Christopher and Daniel in Madison for Easter!

Early May
The Dixon sisters went to the Cayman Islands to celebrate one of us getting older.

Kelly graduated from St. Louis University!!!!
Way to go Kelly!

Later in May
We went to Nova Scotia and found our new sun porch...almost finished and tulips in bloom!

We waited for the garden to grow....and did a lot of work around the farmhouse!

We started harvesting the bounty from the garden!

Rachel, Matt, Daniel and Christopher came and spent their vacation with us in Nova Scotia!

And Grampy and Katie taught the boys how to dig up potatoes.

TJ and Lisa went to see London Bridge....still standing.

Michael and Jehnna were married in Boulder, Colorado

We visited the grandsons...and their parents, for Thanksgiving!

The tree is up, the house is decorated and we are waiting for Jesus.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Love, The Mahoneys

P.S. to read more about any month just click on the blue highlighted month name. 


Carol said...

Beautiful tree! Love it. Love the year captured in photos and captions, too! Merry Christmas!

Chibikage89 said...

And a merry christmas to you.

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