Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Wedding, the Third and Final Chapter

Say "hello" to Michael and Jehnna Mahoney
This might come as a surprise, but our family loves a good party.  After the wedding everyone headed to the reception in great anticipation of eating, drinking and dancing! We were not disappointed.  The wedding party arrived in more style than the rest of us. 

The reception was held on a rooftop patio at an Italian Trattoria.  We enjoyed the outdoors while we were somewhat sheltered and able to enjoy the indoors.  It was a lovely evening.  There were a few times when the lovely breeze became a swirling wind and started taking out centerpieces one by one but that was only a minor inconvenience.  The crowd quickly rearranged the centerpieces at the bar and made a lovely display, safe from the wind.

The bride and groom made their grand entrance and went right into their first dance to Ray LaMontagne's You Are The Best Thing.

They dance well together!

Then Michael and Jehnna danced with their parents, there might have been a few tears involved but I'm not talking.  After the initial dancing, there were a few toasts and dinner was served.  Then the dancing started!  Men, women and children hit the dance floor and we did not stop until they made the DJ shut it down and they started picking up the tables and chairs.  A good time was had by all.

Two little ones who had a particularly good time were the flower girl and our grandson (the reluctant ring bearer).  There were instant cameras set out on the tables for people to snap candid pictures and Daniel found one and he and Camille had their own private photo shoot!  It was priceless to watch. 

Crank up some music and enjoy the rest of the pictures, I suggest some Motown and then throw in The Mull River Shuffle just to get things really going!  You will feel just like you were there!

The old man and the bride getting down...

Michael and his sisters

the kids getting into the action!
Thanks everyone for sending your pictures.....I must admit I did not take all the pictures for the wedding blog posts....I stole some of them from my family, isn't that what family is for? 


rachnd1213 said...

Reluctant is such a kind way to put it. Such fun times! Thanks for memorializing it!

Starman said...

A handsome couple and it looks like everyone had a great time.

Lisa said...

Thanks Starman! We had a great time and yes, they are a handsome couple. But, I might just be a bit biased....

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