Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Little Louisiana in Texas

I have not given my "home" state of Louisiana much air time here on the blog....sorry.  Tonight was a little reminder to me about where I "come from".  Tonight was a lot of Louisiana!
TJ and I went out to dinner, it is the night before we fly to Boulder for our son's wedding, so I was not cooking!  We chose to eat at Rouxpour, a Cajun restaurant here in Sugar Land, Texas.  The food is actually quite authentic, whoo hoo! I opted for the grilled tilapia and vegetables though (boring)....I have to fit into that mother of the groom dress this weekend!   I did had some spinach Madeline (not exactly on the mother-of-the-groom-fit-into-the-dress perscribed diet) that rivaled my own, that's good cher!   We were in a celebratory mood so we had a couple of drinks too.  The TV's were tuned into sports, what else?  Our conversation veered to sports and we were overheard by another patron who chimed in..... "Geaux Tigers"!  One thing lead to another and soon we were in a deep conversation about LSU sports, college athletes and whether LSU should be #1 this early in the season or not.  We think NOT, ìt`s too early...let us sneak up later in the season.  The fellow we were talking to, or more accurately was talking to us, was from New Orleans, had played college football and had the biggest smile in the room.  He was exuberant!  He was happy to be talking to other Louisianians (we can relate)!  He shared his football stories with us and we shared our enthusiasm for LSU sports with him.  It was a match made in heaven.  The conversation ended with TJ telling our new friend he should go into sales and there were smiles all around the table.  Louisiana people are so friendly!
We head to Boulder at dark thirty  in the morning for our son's wedding.  It will be a Rocky Mountain High!  I hope everyone else has a fantastic weekend.....we will, stay tuned for stories and pictures.


jkd said...

congratulations on your sons wedding :)

you must be a proud mama. and i'm sure you will look lovely in your dress!

ruzzel01 said...
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faslah said...
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