Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You've Got Mail?!

Yeah, the check is in the mail!

Canada Post workers along with Air Canada workers are/were (Air Canada settled) on strike up here.  I think the sun has also decided to join them and go on strike as it has not made an appearance in a week!  I guess the saying, "Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds" has no meaning up here!  Every day I pass my idle mailbox and wonder if there are cards and letters just sitting somewhere waiting to be delivered.  I was very excited when I got my first personal mail up here this year!  Now it looks like that one day delivery was a fluke.  No mail for me....or anyone else in Canada until "they" settle the strike.

I cannot imagine the US Postal Service shutting down!  (But I guess it could happen)  I know the days of snail mail are closing but there is still a need for the postal service.  You cannot "virtually" mail a package.  There are many small businesses that depend on the postal service to provide a low cost means of sending their products.  Even if you order something online, it still needs to be delivered and private couriers are not the most cost effective delivery option, although they do get the job done.  But I want my birthday cards people!  Get talking and let me get my mail before it is time for me to go home. 

I've seen two picket lines so far, one at the Moncton airport, Air Canada workers and today at the post office in town.  Don't see too many picket lines in Houston or Sugar Land, Texas.  At first I thought the strikers in front of the post office was a group of friends meeting for lunch!  oops!  My bad!

This strike gives a whole new meaning to the words, "the check is in the mail".  People who have never paid a bill online are now forced to get with the program and pay bills online.  The crafty postal workers could just be striking their way right out of a job if they are not careful. 

In other cause the fact that there is no mail being delivered in Canada is not enough news, it RAINED in Houston today and it was SUNNY all day here!  Yes, the weather tide is turning and the sun has found Amherst Shore and the dried and cracked earth in Houston is finally getting rain.    I think my little summer solstice party made all the difference.  We dressed up in traditional dress and did our best sun dance and chanted for a sunny summer!  Well, we did wear clothes and we talked about the weather, does that count?  Regardless, the sun was shining today up here and the rain was falling in Houston, I think I need to have another party!


Lenore said...

Hmmm... the postal strike may shed light on the fact that my blogging friend has not received the Tim Horton gift certificates I sent her. She lives in Quispamsis, NB.

Glad you had sun (and rain) in the places you call home. Now, if Arizona, Southern GA and Northern FL could get some rain to put out the fires.

Oh, and the US Postal Services? It may be gone sooner rather than later. Financially they are having serious issues - a bailout may be pending.

Carol said...

You had me going with your recounting of "traditional dress, sun dances and chanting" at your solstice party. I was thinking as I read, "... really??..." Glad you clarified!
And that postal strike ruint my card sending! I have yours and Corkey's in a Priority Mail envelope, addressed to your Oulton Rd home! I almost mailed it, but had to confirm my Goddaughter's address in YHZ and she told me about the strike! You WILL get mail. There IS one more birthday card to be received!! Will the strike end before Corkey leaves? Before summer is over? Before Winter Solstice and the snow dances begin???

rachnd1213 said...

I must say that the traditional dress got me wondering. Glad the party worked ;)

Lisa said...

Well, we did wear traditional dress, it just consisted of pants and a nice shirt. No bathing suits just yet! Glad I got a few of you going, gotta keep it interesting even when it isn't! Still no mail!

Vagabonde said...

I hope this strike won’t last long. I remember once in France the mail strike lasted about 6 weeks, close to Christmas time. I had sent my mother some presents and was very worried she would not get them in time.

sathya said...

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