Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Enchiladas

I have been looking forward to today for over a week.  I felt like a kid anticipating the school Thanksgiving feast.   A couple of weeks ago the group in my Learn English class asked if we could have a party for our last class before the Thanksgiving break.  That is a question you never have to ask me twice!  I love a party, especially one that I don't have to do anything for except show up!  My partner assured me that they were all excellent cooks and they love to have parties so...bring it on!  I dreamed of enchiladas, salsa and other mexican delights....for the next week.  It was with great anticipation that I went to class today. 

Flautas with home made salsa and shredded cabbage

I was not disappointed!  The ladies all brought home made specialties.  They brought flautas with shredded cabbage, home made salsa, shredded cheese and Mexican sour cream,  enchiladas, flan, some mexican soup which had noodles, red sauce and cheese in it and was delicious!  My personal favorites were the flautas and the salsa, the salsa was absolutely amazing, I must get the recipe. 

the ladies in class setting up for our feast!
I think this was their way to thank us and to show us their culture.  This is an area they can excel in and feel comfortable.  I can't wait for the Christmas party!
The class has been great and only makes me appreciate learning another language as an adult.  I still think I need to take a French class one of these days.

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