Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Sky Is Falling

The calendar says it is fall and although the temperatures outside have not indicated such, there are a few other things that let us know fall is here.

We live in  an area loaded with mature pecan trees.  When October hits, the pecans start to drop from the trees.  Don't look up, you might just get hit in the head with a pecan, especially on a windy day!  This must be a particularly good year for pecans because they are everywhere and they are huge!  Every green space is full of squirrels and scavengers hunting for pecans.  People are busy hauling off sacks full of pecans everywhere you look.  A couple of nights ago TJ and I took, Sadie aka Superdog, for a walk.  It had been a very windy day!  As we went down the path in the green space near our house we noticed that there were pecans everywhere.....!  We pulled out the plastic bag, that was meant for another purpose, and just picked up the pecans on and next to the path.  We never even had to get off the path and this was our haul!  Can you say pecan pie?

The other thing that tells us it is fall is the way people dress.  We are slaves to fashion!  Even thought it is still stiflingly hot we feel obligated to dress like it is much cooler. Why esle would anyone wear a wool jacket and long pants when it is 90 degrees outside?  Do you work in an igloo? My particular favorite has been the girls wearing their Uggs with jeans all for the sake of fashion.  The stores have coats, boots, sweaters, jackets, scarves, and  hats on the racks.  I can't even begin to think about buying this stuff right now even though I love winter clothes.  Maybe we are all just so sick of our shorts, tank tops and flip flops that we will suffer through and wear our jeans and boots regardless of what the thermometer says!  The calendar says it is Fall... break out the jacket... and sweat!

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