Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy Doing Nothing

Today I heard a great quote from a young cousin, who was probably quoting his grandmother....he was talking about what we do up here all day. He said he does nothing... and it takes him all day to do it! I love it! How can we be so busy and do nothing? That is what life is like up here, busy doing nothing all day long. It is exhausting.

Here is a guy busy doing nothing, on a beautiful day this weekend. Doesn't he look stressed out and exhausted?

This past weekend was the annual tractor show at the farm next door. It has become quite the summer event! There are many tractors, plus antique cars, demonstrations of how to make boards out of trees ( I think they call it planing), donkeys (named Rum and kidding), a hayride, oxen just walking around following their leader?, and of course food! Hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages, plus all kinds of pie baked by the local church ladies. This is a far cry from the Houston Art Car Parade! The weather was spectacular and the crowd just grows and grows every year.
The fellow who owns the farm that hosts the show is possibly the best neighbor ever. He is a jack of all trades and a great guy to know. Need some topsoil...done. Need a little mulch for those flower beds...done. Need your yard mowed...done. Need some firewood....done. Need a set of stairs and the attached deck moved to the other side of the house....he and his trusty front end loader can help you out, no problem. Hungry for some farm fresh problem, check the fridge and leave your money in the jar. I just love this place! Such a change of pace from my other life.

I really have not been doing nothing, just wishing I were doing nothing. So far the summer has been pretty much what I expected. Lots of work in the farmhouse, what's new? I may have worked so hard that I got sick, well at least that is my story and I'm sticking to it. There has been an insurmountable amount of painting to be done around here. When you are starting with bare sheetrock, the whole painting thing takes on a new dimension called priming. Yes, you get to paint before you can paint!
I got to prime all the walls of the new bedrooms, and then paint them, plus the ceilings. Then TJ boxed in the windows and doors with moulding, which I also got to prime and paint! My right hand is going to be in a permanent claw pose from holding the paintbrush. I must say that after all the work the rooms look pretty spiffy, what do you think?

This is probably one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. I raced home from dinner one night with the hopes of capturing it in it's full splendor! It was breathtaking!

And on this note I will say goodnight. I have a busy day tomorrow doing nothing!

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