Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Different advent

The city is in full anticipation...snow is coming. For this southern girl all of this is very interesting and unique. I'll go over what has to happen before the snow comes.

Fall arrives, the leaves fall. Everyone rakes them to the end of the yard and into the street. Eventually, the city comes by with these huge trucks with giant hoses that vacuum the leaves. People don't want to have the leaves on the yard when the snow falls because the lawn will be ruined after it all melts if there are leaves on the grass. Yesterday the mowers were all running up and down the green space on the road off our street. Cleaning it all up before the snow covers it. This morning the street sweeper was on our street, cleaning the street before it gets covered with snow and the snow gets plowed to the curb....for about 3 more months. The parking lots have all been sprinkled with salt. My nice boots are crying. All of this is done in amazing synchronization.

The radio said to leave an hour early for work tomorrow because of the weather and the traffic. This will be the first snow and the roads are not saturated with salt yet so things could get slippery. I really am amazed by the infrastructure that is required with winter weather. In contrast, it snowed in Houston last week and the weather channel correspondent was shocked when he announced that the city of Houston does not have one snow plow. Haha! Why would they?

So in the season of Advent, prepare ye the way of the snow.

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