Sunday, March 15, 2009

To Quote U2...."It's A Beautiful Day"!

Georgian Bay
(taken out the open sunroof!)
Ski jumping event at Blue Mountain

The village at Blue Mountain
Yesterday TJ and I decided to take a drive. It really was a beautiful day and since neither of us had been to Collingwood we decided, what the heck. There are a few ski resorts up there and one in particular I wanted to see so we took off in the morning. We brought our ski stuff, just in case. It was funny when we pulled up to the resort we parked and walked around and the only things there were a ski rental place and a lift ticket sales booth. I was somewhat disappointed because this was not what I had expected, where was the "cute village" with shops and restaurants? After chatting with one of the employees we found out we needed to drive to the next base area for the village, whew. I would have hated it if we had driven 2 hours for this!
We were not disappointed and the village was very cute. I also expected it to be very crowded because it was a Saturday, the weather was incredible, and it was the beginning of March break. Must say it was not that crowded either. After looking around and figuring out that it was going to cost us about $200 to ski for the three hours we had before we had to head home, we decided to have lunch in the pub and ski another day, darn. There was a special ski jumping event so we sat outside and watched crazy people fly off the jump and some of them stick the landing and others wipe out at the bottom. Basically, we did the apres ski without skiing but boy did I want to get to the top of that mountain, if for no other reason than to see the view of the water! Another time.
On the drive home we passed Georgian Bay and it was very scenic, blue water with some ice at the edges, and the sky was perfectly clear. We opened the sun roof for most of the drive and it was heavenly! I am thinking that spring really is right around the corner. It was a beautiful day!

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Kelly said...

I'm glad you guys decided to go!

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