Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the States. It was Thursday here in Canada. Just another Thursday....weird. All day I kept thinking about the rest of my family getting together at one house or another, planning and preparing the feast, smelling that turkey cooking in the oven, knowing that everyone else was doing the same thing at so many other houses. Here, it was just another work day with business as usual.
TJ flew in from Alberta and promised to take me to dinner, for our Thanksgiving feast. Well, we had the most unique dinner I think we've ever had on Thanksgiving. TJ had caribou and I had stuffed capon (with cranberries, very Thanksgivingish). Dinner was very nice but not even close to celebrating with our family.
One more note, Lucy, our 15 yr. old Brittney Spaniel, is not well. She has a tumor on her back paw and it seems to have gotten infected. In the morning she would not get out of bed or eat. The vet gave her some pain killers and an antibiotic but we think her days with us are few. It is so sad to see her limping around in obvious pain. She has had a long and good life but it is never easy to make the decision to end it. I don't think it will be long though. The tumor is inoperable so things may not get any better, and this is no life for her.
Like I said, a very weird Thanksgiving for sure. So glad we were able to be with family for the Canadian version in October. I would really be feeling cheated if we had not.
Let the Christmas shopping begin.

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