Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Party Time

It was the 1st anniversary of my 50th birthday on Sunday and we had a great BBQ. It was not planned to have a "birthday" party, it just happened to be the most convenient day for all the invitees to come over this weekend.
We had an Amherst Shore warm up party. All of our friends and family that live nearby came over for some Texas brisket, bbq beans, colelsaw and Texas sheet cake. The beer was Canadian though. We even managed some Texas weather for the event. Yes, it was 33C/96F with humidity the day of the party. Go figure! Last year it was the same weather....and we all jumped out of a plane. This year no such activities. I'm just glad to be walking easily!
It was a great time and so good to have a house full of friends and it got us all fired up for the summer vacation at the shore. I think it won't get here soon enough for most of us.
A fun way to celebrate my birthday!

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